Interest Free Student Loan Scheme (IFSLS) for Degree Programmes (Courses) 2023 Intake 7 - Ministry of Education (Higher Education)

Ministry of Education (Higher Education)

Interest Free Student Loan Scheme (IFSLS) for Degree Programmes (Courses) 2023 Intake 7

• Qualification: A/L
• 17 Non-State Higher Education Institutes
• 100+ Degree Programmes
• Online Application
• Closing Date: 2023.08.07

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• List of Non-State Higher Education Institutes under IFSLS
01. Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology Ltd (SLIIT)
02. National School of Business Management (NSBM Green University Town)
03. Colombo International Nautical and Engineering College (Pvt) Ltd (CINEC Campus)
04. Sri Lanka Institute of Buddhist Academy (SIBA Campus)
05. Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (ICASL)
06. SANASA Campus Ltd
07. Horizon College of Business and Technology Ltd (HCBT)
08. KAATSU Highly Advanced Medical Technology Training Centre (Pvt) Ltd (KIU)
09. Sri Lanka Technological Campus (SLT Campus / SLTC Research University)
10. Saegis Campus (Pvt) Ltd
11. ESOFT Metro Campus (Pvt) Ltd
12. Aquinas College of Higher Studies (Aquinas University College)
13. Institute of Chemistry Ceylon (IChemC)
14. International College of Business Technology (ICBT Campus)
15. Benedict XVI Catholic Institute (BCI Campus)
16. Royal Institute Colombo (RIC)
17. Nagananda International Institute of Buddhist Studies (NIIBS) Government Private NGO Foreign Job Jobs Vacancies Vacancy Careers Career Courses Course