Admission for Bachelor of Science (BSc) / Bachelor of Technology (BTech) (General / Hons) Degree Programmes (Courses) 2023/2024 - Ocean University of Sri Lanka (OCUSL)

Ocean University of Sri Lanka (OCUSL)

Admission for Degree Programmes (Courses) 2023/2024

01. Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Fisheries and Marine Science (General / Hons)
02. BSc in Oceanography (Hons)
03. Bachelor of Technology (BTech) in Aquaculture and Seafood Technology (General)
04. BSc in Marine Engineering (Hons)
05. BSc in Coastal and Marine Resources Management (General / Hons)
06. BSc in Maritime Transportation Management and Logistics (Hons)

• Qualification: A/L or Equivalent
• Duration: 3-4 Years (Full-Time)
• Course Fee is Free
• Online Application
• Closing Date: 2023.11.10 (Extended)

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Note: Please read the Guidelines carefully before applying. If you have any clarifications, please contact University Academic Staff.

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